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• 2012-Jan-3 - adult blog sex

I guess that’s a bit like saying, “Ninety percent of the time it works EVERY time”. But it’s a stark contrast from the reported 25% of women who score a touchdown every game. Akin to the Rubix cube, the female sex circuitry has an astronomical array of combinations. Sporting over eight thousand nerve endings and Hard Core Porn sending signals to more than fifteen thousand other nerves throughout the pelvis, the clitoris is certainly capable of producing far more exquisite orgasms than the males measly few thousand. Therefore the need for females to communicate becomes quite evident. Some women like finishing the blue side first and then starting on the orange; and sometimes, to your surprise, while you’re tinkering away at it, a few parts have sorted themselves out. Ladies, keep in mind that I am not lobbying for the liberation of men from the duty of honesty. We should be just as quick if not quicker to show our cards to you. Of course different men have different preferences as well. For instance, I am not a fan of any form of sneak attack from behind. Fortunately for you, our buttons really aren’t hard to push. We usually have one – it’s bright, red and has the letters “E A S Y” on it. I’m merely trying to illustrate that the female orgasm can be perceived as an immensely fearsome adversary that will crush a man if he fails to conquer it. You both need to be confident with the schematics Adult hard Porn of your partner’s sexual architecture – especially him. Once you two have sat down and sketched the blueprints of your sexual constructs, you’ll sense a notable increase in satisfaction – both in and out of the sheets. Is it really too much to ask to say, “I’d like to get off, please”? Say it loud, and say it proud. The Solution”. Important, simple rules to keep in mind when utilizing the communication keychain.
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• 2012-Jan-3 - sex is back

I’d like to introduce to you Jess LB. She’s a 22 year old, polyamorous woman who is involved with the VanPoly Group which is an umbrella organization for polyamorous outreach events and lectures. I’m interviewing her today to introduce her as our newest contributor to Straight Up Love and to inform our audience about this lifestyle choice that is gaining acceptance rapidly world wide. PolyamoryPT1 by StraightUpLove SUL: What is Polyamory? So Polyamory, the word, is a hybrid of Greek and Latin, which Free Sex Moive some people are very unhappy about (Linguists). It literally means “many loves”. It’s the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with full knowledge and preconsent of everyone involved. So, it’s, having more than one romantic or sexual or both relationship at one time with everyone involved knowing about it. It’s different than cuckolding or cheating, having affairs in the sense that everyone goes into the relationship knowing that’s going to be going on. SUL: What’s the difference between polyamory and polygamy? Polyamory is more like open-dating. It could Teen Porn be between married people. Obviously in Canada, and in most countries, it’s illegal to be married to more than one person at once. So it [polyamory] would fall under dating. Polygamy is multiple marriages which is illegal in Canada. In polygamy there is traditionally polygyny which is multiple wives and polyandry which is multiple husbands which is far less often the case.
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• 2012-Jan-3 - sex mature girls

Different people have different relationships with their sexuality and their comfort level with others. Why the hell is that worthy of judgment? Why the hell would you want to deprive someone else of sex with another consensual adult that he or she clearly wants and enjoys? If you’re not into it, then don’t do it. Leave them alone. So, once we free ourselves from the scorn of the often Porno Tube jealous, “slut” burning jury, and behave in accordance with our true personal desires and beliefs, how does one with a high sex drive maintain a fulfilling sex life when they are in-between relationships? Sometimes it can take time to find someone you have good Adult Pornography chemistry with. Sometimes other feelings prevent a casual sexual relationship from continuing. Sometimes you lose interest. There are many reasons why it’s not always easy to just, “find someone to sleep with”. Sometimes while on the quest for hot sex, one needs to…..”experiment”… or so I hear… Suzie, have all the sex with your boyfriend you want. I hope it’s good. And Joe, you’re not a “man-whore”, and I hope your next girlfriend makes you see stars.
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• 2012-Jan-3 - best your hd sex

A sub-par sex life is the silent killer of many good relationships. Truthfully, things can fall apart pretty quickly if your partner isn’t satisfying you in bed. Whether he’s not hitting the spot or you’re just not getting enough, you are the only one that can speak what’s on your mind. Communication is absolutely everything in life – especially when it comes to your significant other. We can be so bashful about our sexuality and concerned about the judgement of others that we seldom speak of it. Even in your most vulnerable and exposed states, you and your partner should be able to be completely open with one another. If you haven’t established a boundless line of communication with him – you need to; or your relationship will never reach it’s full potential. It will inevitably fizzle like a sparkler. If he’s not bringing the thunder, you need You Porn to be honest and tell him; and the sooner the better. I know this makes some of you uneasy; the unpredictable reaction you will receive. But deep down, he would rather make you happy now than to find out too little too late. Don’t be so worried about crushing his ego or hurting his feelings that you let the situation run your romance into the ground. True, not many guys would want to hear they’ve been dropping the ball in the bedroom. It can be perceived as emasculating. We all want to feel like superheroes in the sack. He will quickly begin notice if he’s unable to arouse you. This realization can create a sense of incompetence, and a fear of addressing it with you in order to avoid the feelings of ridicule and rejection. Though figuring someone out and developing a new style is a fun process, if someone assumes they’re tugging the right strings, they tend to mark them and incorporate them into their repertoire. It’s best to nip it in the butt before it flourishes into your jaded sexual identity. The more open you are with your man, the better Porno your sex will be. The less occupied either of you are with your performance, the better your sex will be. The better your sex is, the better your relationship will be. Better sex, better life. I’ll still get a sense of failure if I’m not able to get her off every time. What I enjoy most about sex is that satisfaction I get from arousing the other person – not myself. I know that I’m going to be sorted out. Most of the time we’re trying NOT to get off so that we can give you the chance.
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• 2012-Jan-3 - turk sex blog

They had their first male-on-male experiences with each other, with me. They drew the conclusion that they weren’t romantically interested in each other – just close friends – liked to fool around. We became involved in a sexual relationship together, the three of us. We all became very close and attempted a Vee formation type relationship, with the two of them being more involved with me than they were with each other. The second partner, Boy 2, was very comfortable, and still is, with the concept of polyamory. Overtime, the first partner I was involved with, Boy 1, realized that this type of relationship really wasn’t for him. Despite how hard myself and Boy 2 tried, he couldn’t help but feel insecure and jealous. So, we ended our relationship and I am now singularly involved with Boy 2. Yes, this must all sound very confusing to monogamous Sex Tube people, but, I can assure you that it was a very important and beautiful bond that the three of us had. My former partner, Boy 1, and I are currently working on how to stay friends post-relationship. We really do care about each other, and sometimes that’s how relationships work. I don’t think someone needs to be minused from your life just because the relationship you tried to have didn’t work out. A different, equally valuable relationships can come out of that attempt. SUL: So, what can you gain and what have you gained from these polyamorous relationships that you couldn’t gain with monogamy? Well, I feel with Polyamory, you are starting off your relationships by throwing one of the biggest fears in monogamy out the window, which is losing your partner to someone else. When that option is taken off the table, you really don’t have anything else to lose and all that you have to gain is the bond that you share. I am able to very close and very comfortable Hot Adult with a lot of people because they know that I am there unconditionally for them whether or not they’re with someone else. Like, you know, I’m not going to stop calling someone because they have a girlfriend. It’s really not about sex. It’s really about love, is the thing. Love is not a commodity. It’s not something that you give less to one person because you’re giving it to another person. It is infinite. When you have that with people, you build a community and a family outside of your traditional family and community. That is a support group of people that care about you regardless of your relationship to them at that moment. •Polyamory Weekly Podcast pretty much covers everything that you could think of and gives a lot of information and advice •Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association •VanPoly Group you can check out the site and their links. Also join their Yahoo group. •The younger crowd should look on Facebook for VanPoly 101 If you are interested in marching with VanPoly in the Pride Parade in Vancouver on Sunday, July 31st, meet at Thurlow and Burrard by 11:15a.m.
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• 2012-Jan-3 - free adult sex

[These lifestyles are] usually based on religious, cultural reasons as opposed to personal, natural feelings between everyone. SUL: What kind of polyamorous relationships have Free Teen Porn you been in personally? Jess LB: Personally, my polyamorous relationships. Well, I’d say I’ve always been polyamorous but my partners may not have always known I was polyamorous. I fall in love with everyone. I really do. I really don’t have huge boundaries between my friendships. You know, they’re obviously not always physical/sexual but I become very close to people. I started noticing at a really young age with my earlier relationships, I felt really uncomfortable when I felt like I was being censored with my closeness to other people. You know, like, I’d be dating one person and spending a lot of time with another person and I felt like there was nothing wrong with that. It was completely natural but, my partner at the time would start feeling threatened. I felt like, “I’m not going to leave you. I don’t prefer this person over you, I just… I also like them.” But that’s very taboo in our dating and romantic culture to have feelings at all for other people; which, to me seems so stone-age. It’s something that people call emotional-cheating; which, is just… really ridiculous to me. SUL: Have there been any recent polyamorous Free Adult relationships that you’ve been in that you can talk about practically? Jess LB: Like I mentioned before, I’ve always had feeling for other people while dating one person and didn’t really know that that was poly. Recently I was involved in my first intentionally poly relationship with two men after being single for about a year and a half. Character "April" on popular comedy show, Parks and Recreation, with her two boyfriends. I started seeing one of the men very casually and laid it all out on the first date that I am non-monogamous and choose not to be involved with heterosexual people. That is a huge thing to me because I don’t feel like heterosexual men, especially, understand my sexuality as I am pan-sexual. I am attracted to men, women, trans-men, trans-women, and all that’s in between. My partner needs to, at least a little bit, be on the same level. Anyway, about
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